Monday, December 8, 2014

21st Post: 12/8/14

Beginning of the Week: Last Week of the Semester

For this week, we only plan to put the finishing touches on our putting green since our robot has been completed and we would only need to practice with it.  Other than finishing our putting green, we have to finish the PowerPoint fully explaining our game and every aspect of it.  Even though we have a full week of school, everything is due Wednesday so we have no time to fool around.

Miguel Working on PowerPoint
Practicing on Another Course

Friday, December 5, 2014

20th Post: 12/5/14

End of the Week: PowerPoint Explanation

 Today we finished the coding for our robot! Now we can finally move and use every accessory of it with one brain.  Our physical robot needs no more modifications and all the screws are tightened so there is nothing left to do.  However, we have to begin a PowerPoint presentation explaining how our game works, the rules and penalties, and various other aspects of our game.

Finishing Coding
Practicing With Robot

Monday, December 1, 2014

19th Post: 12/1/14

Beginning of the Week: Minor Adjustments and Coding

Current Course Progress
For this week, we aim to finish coding our robot.  Unfortunately, our coder Masen isn't here today and can't continue programming our new brain so whenever we want to run the robot, we have use the old brain.  There is only this week and next week remaining in the semester so the robot is complete, only small fixes and constant checking of the pieces is left other than the programming.

Current Robot Progress

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

18th Post: 11/25/14

End of the Week: Already the Last day of the Week

In this extremely short week, we managed to complete a considerable amount work especially considering we only had two days of class.  Unfortunately, we haven't completed any of the coding yet and will definitely be done with that some point next week.  On the other hand, we successfully installed the rotation device for our put-put arm so it can now move to a different side of the robot allowing us more options when hitting the golf ball.

Rotation Device Installed
Current Put-Put Course Progress

Monday, November 24, 2014

17th Post: 11/24/14

Beginning of the Week: Two day Week

We have an extremely short week since Thanksgiving is this week.  Due to the shortness of this week we don't plan on doing as much as usual.  We only plan to install a device that allows rotation of the putter and then code the device.

Device to Rotate Putter
Masen Coding

Friday, November 21, 2014

16th Post: 11/21/14

End of the Week: New Parts

We vastly improved the arm this week.  New Vex parts came in so we were able to take off a bunch of the pieces we were using and switched them out for the newer pieces.  We have a new brain, controller, and pieces to hold the ball extractor.  The robot now looks very sleek and will run a lot better once we program the new brain. 

New Brain 
New Pieces for Ball Extractor

Monday, November 17, 2014

15th Post: 11/17/14

Piece of Metal Holding PVC
Beginning of the Week: Ball Extractor

This week we only aim to perfect our ball extractor.  We are running multiple tests with it and seeing how well it takes the ball out of the hole we plan on using.  We noticed a problem where the extractor becomes slightly unstable when we move the it too far down.  Also, the extension that hold the piece of the PVC is weak and we hope to figure out a way to strengthen it.

Testing out Golf Ball Extraction